battleaxeofdoom's Journal

[Basic Info]
Character type: NPC
Timeline: Megaman X cluster, technophilia timeline. (Gate survived X6, joined the hunters. And CM took place before X8. Reality was -destroyed-, and survivors are making their way towards RV.)
Armored Appearance: 7'2" armored. Signas's armor hasn't changed much in appearance from when he debuted in X5, and it more or less matches his official artwork appearances. Signas is armed with a beam-type battle axe, though he is able to use the more traditional solid matter ones as well.
Unarmored Appearance: 6'10" unarmored. Brownish hair, and dark blue eyes. Signas is broad and built. Signas is in his Hunter Uniform half the time when he's out of armor, and not overly picky about what kind of clothes he wears when he's not in uniform. Well, perhaps with the exception of the nearly ever-present hat. Though he does tend to be neatly dressed regardless.

[History and Personality]
Passing for Human:
Signas is anatomically correct, thanks to a full biomorphics package. He can pass for human, though he doesn't eliminate waste. The illusion is maintained until he gets hurt at least, as Signas's blood is black. But then, most reploids from his world don't have red blood.

Oddly enough, though most reploids don't, Signas gets headaches. And very little can be done to deal with them. Signas is convinced that it was some sort of design flaw that Dr. Cain simply didn't bother to get rid of. Either because he couldn't, or because he chose not to.
Backstory: Signas's backstory is pretty much in line with Megaman X canon, simply switching the order of X8 and Command Mission. Well, that and the fact that Gate was repaired and joined the Hunters at some point after X6 in Signas's world.

Signas was created by Dr. Cain as the old scientist's last creation. He was built shortly before the whole thing with Repliforce broke out, but didn't take part in it. He was more or less "raised" by X and Zero, as Dr. Cain died not too long after the fourth Maverick uprising. Once he had been properly socialized and trained, Signas took his place as Commander of the Maverick Hunters.

Constantly overworked, Signas would, sometimes in conjunction with his world's X, work on keeping the Hunters at an uneasy peace with the Federation. Though he did lead the Hunters competently, and isn't above going on field missions when he's needed and the situation arises. The giant battle axe isn't just for show, after all.

It was also rumored that there was something going on between him and Dynamo back in his world, but those rumors could never be confirmed nor denied, as Signas was always very discreet and closed-mouthed about his supposed love-life.
Personality in a nutshell: Signas is serious most of the time, to the point where the other Hunters take great pleasure in teasing him and pranking him. He usually is able to shrug off the pranks, though. A competent leader, Signas has been the Commander of the Hunters since somewhere between the fourth and fifth uprisings, and has earned that position well.

He cares about the Hunters deeply, as they are his family.

Signas does have a temper on him. This temper is often accompanied by a very long fuse, however when the fuse burns out, you want to be careful. The fights he's gotten into with Zero during these times are fairly legendary, though it's more the members of the Federation that would feel his wrath more keenly, with Signas's axe getting slammed through their desks.